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Secure Credential Management

DIDTECH delivers innovative security solutions for implementing verifiable credential technology, Self-Sovereign Identity & Web 3 Cryptography.

DIDTECH technology implementations create efficiencies, increase security, reduce operating costs, reduce insurance risks, and deliver maximum benefit to all stakeholders.

Our TeCH

DIDTECH technology provides private and public entities and their contract personnel working in high-risk environments with low-profile communication requirements and improving means of communication while working in the field. 

In-Field Private Access
Self-Sovereign Identity
Classified Information Permission
Confidential Information Access
Personnel Verifiable Access
Facilities Access Control
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Decades of Experience & Expertise

DIDTECH management team consists of industry experts with decades of experience in the government, private intelligence, and security sectors. Our leadership team brings executive management, sales, and marketing experience, as well as, long-term trusted relationships across a multitude of business sectors, especially in the federal government, law enforcement, corporate intelligence, and the private security industries.

Our Team
George Kauper
Founder & CEO
George G Kauper
Joseph Kauper
Founder / CIO
Joseph L Kauper
Carl "Supreme" Harte
Partner / Advisor
Carl "Supreme" Harte
Richard Kendall
Richard S Kendall
Ray Dininzio
Ray DiNunzio
Fractional Cto
Darrell O'Donnell

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